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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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anchor: and we are with the>> see what's happening this instant from the raleigh eyewitness news center, eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. anna: breaking news off the top at 4:00. chopper 11 live over a fire in raleigh. this is right off of wade avenue. a of people seeing the smoke billing and -- billowing into the sky. firefighters do have a doubt. smoke coming from the back of the house. this is video from 20 minutes ago when chopper 11 first got there. you can see the flames coming out of the windows there on the side. we have not heard about injuries . we do not know if anyone was inside or if they got out.
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area. also reports of major traffic delays coming into and out of downtown. we will have more details as they come into the newsroom. joel: also following breaking news in the bull city. chopper 11 was over this scene. a police chase ended with a crash on camden road. moments ago a deputy witnessed a driver run a red law -- red light. the driver did not pull over. the suspect appears to have flipped numerous times. the driver dig it out and make a it far. he was captured. no serious injuries although he has been taken to the hospital to be checked out.
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charges including possession of a stolen firearm. anna: a 13-year-old stabbed to death on the same day shenformation just coming up in a news conference in blacksburg, virginia. good afternoon. nicole died january 27 last wednesday. joel: two virginia tech students are charged in her death. prosecutors say the teen's got emotional talking about her daughter. live in the breaking news center with the developments. >> her mom used her nickname referring to her as she spoke to reporters giving us an understanding of the little girl she was. the 13-year-old girl from virginia died from a stabbing on the same day she disappeared from her home. her daughter survived very as health ailments and says she had
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>> she affected many people through her short life. i can't. joel:her death. david eisenhower has been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. he was a high school track star in baltimore. her body was found here over the weekend. prosecutors did not give a motive but authorities have said eisenhower and nicole knew each other before the murder. joel: now to the wake county mom murdered while her eight-year-old daughter slept nearby. emotional testimony today as the capital murder trial for smith
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ed crump in the wake justice center where testimony is still going on. who was the most emotional witness? reporter: as you can imagine it was the mother of the victim who was most emotional. her testimony came after pictures of the crime scene were shown here in open court during the testimony of other witnesses. the victim's family has had three years to prepare for this trial but it was still impossible to hold back the emotions. several times family members wept as witnesses testified about the bloody crime scene. smith faces the death penalty. his attorney told jurors at the start of the trial it was his codefendant who beat and stabbed against jones. ronald anthony has pled guilty and was sentenced to life
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told jurors both men took part. construction workers testified the victims eight-year-old daughter asked for help saying she could not wake her mother who was covered in blood. when they realize jones was dead they called her mother. >> it is like i heard it but i did not hear it. i did not understand. >> that is the phone call every parent dreads getting. more on today's dramatic testimony coming up. you can watch the trial live streaming live by logging onto abc anna: -- joel: an update on the terrifying home invasion in cary . a judge this afternoon set $1 million bond one of the suspects.
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with burglary, armed robbery and kidnapping. a a dge said -- that his bond at $1 million. authorities say six people kicked in the door of a home yesterday morning and went room to room demanding money. three women were inside. police for able to track the suspect thanks to the signals from one of the victims stolen cell phones. a major new road project could be in store for north raleigh. city leaders getting a look at the plan that would transform i-440. jon camp joins us live. driving on the road, you familiar with this area. you have some experience. >> i do. as you know i commute along this road here.
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as anyone who drives knows it can be a real bear. they consistently clogs up. we saw a report it is a comprehensive redesign that includes widening lanes, putting trees in the median, raising by claims and better access to communities and homes. where the plan looks good on paper, and it does, you talked to folks who travel and work along this stretch of road and you hear apprehension about the project. >> traffic is growing. there is probably a need to expand and make changes unfortunately. >> the functionality is great. it is going to be painful. i'm not looking forward to that at all.
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>> even more traffic headaches. one of the big concerns for folks who live and work in this stretch of raleigh. coming up we give you a better look at the project itself and share some of the other concerns we heard about the project and what the city councilmember's were saying. we have that in a couple of hours. abc 11 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new developments in a robbery of a woman in her own driveway. we learn more and throughout for three people including a teenager charged in an elaborate fraud scream -- fraud scheme. nicole carr is live. you were the only reporter to talk to the victim back in september. tell us about this. reporter: she thought she was going to lose her life in her garage that day.
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be over. she was staring down the barrel of the handgun. this is the culmination of months of investigating between here and new york. we have three brooklyn area teens or young adults traveling back-and-forth between new york and fayetteville where they have family in the sand hills. they have essentially carried out an elaborate fraud scheme that began with this woman. she describes how she was held at gunpoint in her home in september. she would be the first of several victims to be robbed. to make a long story short they were tied to surveillance videos and financial transactions. check cashing from fayetteville to durham in new york, and here
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>> therefore checks for rent. they had new amounts put on them . they were depositing their accounts. reporter: they have face charges in other areas including dunne/ . brady, anthony barr, and emanuel jordan are believed to be in new york now but have lived in the barrington place apartment complex. if you know the area you know those apartments are backed up to these neighborhoods. investigators say they are being located and extradited as we speak. charges include robbery and fraud charges. fayetteville detectives say once they have them in custody they are certain they can tie them to the string of robberies in the
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a major break in a case folks were wondering about around here. the coal car, abc eyewitness news. anna: thank you for that. also, a search under way after a woman told police she was raped by an intruder at her home. she says the man smelled of urine and had a deep southern asked -- accent. investigators are asking residents who saw anything suspicious to give them a call. joel: happy tuesday to you. depending on where you are across the viewing area, it depends on how much sunshine you saw today. we are not saying much. >> know, and more layers on people.
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>> right now we are in the 50's. that is going to be short-lived. it will be warmer yet again. current temperatures, if you take a look at these places people seeing it is sunny and wilson. the rest of us in cloud cover. eastern zones have less cloud cover than those of us in the western area. warmer to the south. satellite and radar showing all that cloud cover hanging out to the west overnight. all of us will see more cloud cover as a warm front passes through the area. we are watching storms to our west prompting severe weather. the storms will push our way through the next few hours and by tomorrow afternoon and evening we could be looking at strong storms passing through the area. we will time them out for you coming up in your full forecast in a bit. joel: we will see you soon.
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soundbites and crazy pictures from last night's super bowl media night. anna: our cruiser with the carolina panthers holding a news conference in san jose. we will hear about the panthers plan to beat the broncos. >> here we go. we found out sir walter raleigh is more accurate in his spring
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anna: super bowl 50 quickly approaching. it was all fine opening night. the media frenzy of super bowl week. joel: the panthers are shifting into game mode. live in san jose where the panthers are putting together the master plan to be the broncos. how are they going to do it? joel:anchor: they like to be secretive, these guys. ron rivera just wrapped up on the podium. you can see panthers being interviewed. we know how they love speaking to the media and there are plenty of opportunities to do
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this is a last -- less you will see cam newton. ron rivera talked about how strong the panthers. here is what rivera had to say. >> our veteran players, when i talked with them they thought the idea was good and what we have done is we have a check-in system. guys come in and show again -- check in on their own. hopefully we have everyone that needs to be where there are supposed to be there. so far we have had no issues. >> so far they have had no issues. he didn't say after his press conference today would be the most challenging for that curfew. the panthers had a day off. san francisco is 40 minutes away
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the super bowl experience but keep in mind they are here to participate and win the super bowl. the main challenge of his players is getting to bed when they are so -- supposed to. joel: enjoy san francisco. let's stay focused on winning the super bowl. our eyewitness news coverage continues all week long. mark armstrong is there with all that behind the scenes action. live reports beginning on friday. join us friday night for abc 11
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anna: get ready to grab your t-shirts and flip-flops if you believe groundhogs can predict the weather. >> there is no shadow. early spring is my forecast. anna: an early spring is my forecast. that is what he said. phil made his prediction after the groundhog emerged in pennsylvania. should his prediction have you packing up winter clothes? noaa packs his accuracy at 45%. sir walter raleigh join tim calling for an early end to winter. he did not see his shadow. over the past 19 years sir walter raleigh has been right
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i am so glad he when you see that video. i thought he was going to bite them. joel: you know who my money is on? liz horton? anna: me, too. anchor: i appreciate it. i have been digging last yesterday and raleigh has been wrong seven of the past 10 years. i'm not so sure. we will see cooling temperatures by the weekend. that dismisses early spring right there. some showers come in with the pictures that showers rise by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine on the way. this is the view right now in northville. you can see clouds overhead. not as many clouds. 60 degrees here. we are quite a bit cooler here
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66 in fayetteville. first alert doppler xp is dry right now but at night we could see sprinkles often on into the picture for us. we go to the next couple of hours, and cloud cover as a warm front starts to move up and out of the area. right now the focus is on what is happening in the gulf state. you can see very strong wind. tornado watch out for a big chunk of the golf. tornado warnings on the ground. you can see the severe risk continues for the exact same area where we are seeing the problem. tomorrow that is going to shift east over the triangle. that is the lowest threat on the spectrum but it does mean we could see strong storms in the
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overnight tonight, lower 50's expected. the average low 32 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. warmer temperatures again, 73 fayetteville. upper 60's. normal high 53. it is going to feel better. clouds into the picture overnight. tomorrow afternoon we could see rain developing. the main band passes through the evening and that looks to be the strongest one. it will certainly still linger around. the seven-day forecast powered by accuweather shows by the weekend we will see more sunshine but it comes at a cost. cooling temperatures and highs in the 40's. more showers possible for the start of next week. to me it will feel like winter.
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anna: we will have to listen to you on this one. joel: a little shade toward sir walter. three teenagers facing allen charges after police say bricks were tossed off of when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! free pizza? we get it after the super bowl. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50.
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joel: welcome back. bill cosby back inside of a suburban philadelphia courtroom today. defense rules -- defense lawyers are hoping they will do dismiss the sexual assault allegations. they claim they are illegal. >> bill cosby entering court without answering questions from reporters hoping to walk out of court free of sexual assault charges filed against him. testifying is bruce castor explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case in 2004 citing red flags including the fact the accuser indicates she contacted it -- contact the police a year after the assault.
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not be charged if he testified in a civil suit. writing and not approved by a judge that agreement is not binding. gloria allred in court for another civil case involving cosby calls pit argument nonsense. >> i find ironic mr. cosby would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave quite legs there's quaaludes to women. when that was his testimony. reporter: the embattled comedian was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at her home. cosby admitted he had a number
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give to women and gave her pills at his home. of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault this is the only criminal case filed against him and he has denied all allegations. nevada by the end of the month. overnight after he got in second
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quiet on social media until later in the day. maybe he got some sleep. people were wondering what is going on. joel: maybe he was proud of his second-place finish. anna: celebrating black history month. the proclamation the governor signed today. joel: and the update to a story of a toddler missing in north carolina. where the search took a tragic turn. >> three teenagers in jail accusing throwing rocks on that bridge onto i-95. we will have the rest of the details coming up. reporter: all eyes are on the sky in apex.
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watchedanna: we are talking to the wake county family who watched a hock kill their family dog. the apex family says they are
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the hock fly into their backyard, attacking killed there -- their beloved chihuahua. live on brooklyn road, where this all happened. andrea: ron johnson and his family had a difficult 24 hours. he walked outside to check on their pet quality. johnson says as soon as she saw what was happening they started taking off. johnson yelled and the bird let the dog go. thejohnson three dogs at the bird trying to make it go away. it flew farther away twitter para line.
4:31 pm
the hock kept roaming from tree to tree. it was still sitting on a branch won a police officer came out to the house. johnson called 911 but there was nothing the officer could do. he buried her in their backyard this morning. when she is gone. there was a gaping hole in her throat. she was still moving. i was shocked because i had never seen a hock attack a small animal like that. reporter: he has seen them flying over his neighborhood for the last couple of years. other neighbors say he had chickens but no more than --
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there is nothing that they can do in these cases. they want you to keep a close eye on him as well. joel: nothing police can do. thank you, something that pet owners want to be aware of. anna: you might not hear about on the news but it does happen out there. joel: it is a dangerous prank. bricks being thrown at drivers. anna: three teenagers are facing felony charges for doing it. investigators tell us a brick crashed through the windshield of a tractor-trailer barely missing the driver and his passenger. how did they track down these
4:33 pm
complex they found the teens by the bridge here after numerous calls of 911. there were five vehicles struck with large rocks. most were semi-trucks. they were arrested on five counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill. their names -- they upgraded their charges to felony because of the rocks they through. >> if you throw a rock of this size, if it is hit with this rock, you can kill someone. reporter: the teenagers will have their first court appearance tomorrow. we are live in cumberland
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joel: so dangerous and scary. thank you. governor mccrory will officially kick off the state celebration of black history month. he signed a proclamation, one of the where anthony wilson is today. anthony wilson: governor pat mccrory boosted business for the state as well as the college. he served two purposes. he signed a proclamation designating it as black history month. debra saunders [inaudible] while he took no questions he did speak about business and internship opportunities, the importance of using universities like this to get business for north carolina.
4:35 pm
we sell our universities and north carolina central university's. reporter: they are talking about the construction of a new business school made possible if approved by voters through a bond that goes before voters on the 15th of march. they hope it will get off the ground. anchor: right now we are tracking mostly cloudy conditions. cooler temperatures and the ones we saw yesterday. you can see 58 in oxford. as you go down to the south you see 66. most of us looking warmer. cooler in roxboro. seven degrees in fayetteville. tomorrow is going to be a big difference. much warmer temperatures headed our way.
4:36 pm
this system is starting to race towards us. we're in a risk for severe weather. overnight, a few showers likely. tomorrow, look at temperatures. much milder. you will see temperatures at 70 tomorrow. 73 in fayetteville. we will see a lot of cooler weather heading our way. we will stay in the 50's on friday. certainly it looks like winter is going to be returning. anna: at least it will be warm. thank you. a groundbreaking ceremony a short time ago in durham. the rescue mission kicks off construction on the first of three new academics halls. the residence halls housing homeless men will be on east main street. the project will provide sleeping quarters and bathrooms,
4:37 pm
the durham rescue mission gives homeless shelters food, clothing and more to help people get back on their feet. soon time will no longer stand still in fayetteville. crews reassembled the market house clock this afternoon. it stopped working in january. replacement parts had to be made from scratch. the city hopes to have it up and running by tomorrow. joel: it has been a busy day in the breaking news center. this time the highway patrol in wayne county. >> and eyewitness called into the hotline breaking news center. we got chopper 11 hd over wayne county. check that out. the black car is a highway patrol vehicle. it crashed into the ditch you see off of the side of the road.
4:38 pm
you can see the wreckage on the road. there is another vehicle involved. we trying to track their shot coming in. the pickup truck is somehow involved. of. -- mount all ofoliver. they reporting the high-speed police chase has now ended. we will get more to you at the top of the hour. anna: abc 11 eyewitness is, you are our eyes and ears out there. zika virus. >> a local man battling cancer
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for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. anna: duke doctors are testing out a new tool that can help in the fight against cancer. joel: it is an injectable agent that acts like a fluorescent dye.
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local man was inspired to become one of the first patients to test it. >> for martin rigsby music has always been an escape. >> music to me, even though i don't play professionally for a lot of people, it is where my soul goes >> a small knot in his bicep was discovered to be cancerous. >> it is very scary. it was scary when you have to sign a paper that says you may lose your arm. reporter: he agreed to the surgery and taking part in a clinical trial involving a probe . it is an injectable agent that
4:43 pm
under special cameras to identify and assist with removing cancerous tumors. >> parts are microscopic that we can't say even if we wanted to. >> dr. say being able to confirm all of the tumor is gone can not prevent additional operations. >> it is exciting for us. this is groundbreaking research and the way we treat sarcoma. in people. he took part in the first ever trials for humans at duke. there was a side benefit for him. >> they carried it to the lab and looked at it with a camera, and told the doctor that they had clean margins. >> they got all the cancer on
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his arm to allow him to continue playing. joel: it has been three years and he remains cancer free. duke doctors hope to get funding to start another round of trials to test its effectiveness. it is a technology being used for breast cancer. click on the help tab of abc still ahead, dangerous drones. a high fly animal to combat the problem.
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>> the only station with three
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>> in michigan this afternoon prosecutors say the fbi joined the justice department investigating whether laws were broken in the flat water crisis. the emergency came from a disastrous cusk cut it -- cost-cutting move for a new water plant. in 2014 flynn stopped buying water from detroit and started using water from the flint river that underground pipes leak to lead into the water system and forced residents -- and poison residence and children. joel: and the search for a former agent who went missing in iran in 2007. the 2013 associated press investigation revealed he was working on an unauthorized intelligence gathering mission. he was not part of the prisoner swap that freed prisoners from
4:47 pm
anna: the top u.s. commander in the fight against isis slams the idea of attacking the terror group with massive bombing called carpet bombing. the lieutenant general directs the coal ash and fighting isis in iraq and syria providing detailed military criticisms today about the concept and detailed why he believes it is unacceptable. >> we are bound by the laws of armed conflict. at the end of the day it doesn't only matter whether or not you win, it matters how you win. indiscriminate bombing where we don't care if we are killing innocent or combatants is just
4:48 pm
anna: planes and bombs to attack them with alluding to military spending counts. steve daniels is in the breaking news center with what is coming up at the top of the hour. steve: several stories coming up at 5:00. we get the live update of this fire in raleigh. new details coming in on that just ahead. this car is tumbling down the road after a police chase. how this was started and liz horton is tracking the possibility of storms. liz: we are seeing cloud cover out there. strong storms making your way towards us in a matter of hours. when it could impact you in which commute could be very wet. steve: tracking the latest from rain county where the police chase ended with a highway patrol trooper's cruiser in a ditch. we have that in the days news in
4:49 pm
joel: ok. thank you. police in the netherlands want to use eagles to take out drones. the dutch national police testing out eagles. they have been specially trained to swoop in and dispose of unwanted electronic interlopers. the dutch company who came up with them calls them a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem. we have some issues here in the states with drones from time to time. >> we take our american eagles. anna: i don't know. it looks good in an experiment where everything is perfectly settled but in the real world i would not want it to hurt one of our eagles. joel: the company behind the eye 77 toll plan in charlotte is under investigation this afternoon. >> with the attorney general's
4:50 pm
the governor opposes the move. joel: and details on the plan to unite the carolinas this super bowl sunday in support of the panthers. first, a live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. utility work, fixing the sidewalks. some of the pavers head, a little bit. they are fixing those. joel: introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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joel: around the state the body of a missing four-year-old boy has been found in a pond in southern iredell county. they focused on a pond where an electric power wheels jeep was found upside down in the water. the boys foster mother reported
4:52 pm
last seeing him. the delay was due to her thinking he was with his father. blackwater security contractors found guilty of a shooting in iraq want to overturn their convictions. the guards were found guilty in 2014 in connection with the 2007 killing of unarmed civilians in baghdad. the attorney general's office is investigating the company behind the i-77 toll lane. the governor's office accuses roy cooper of trying to score political points but he says he wants to make sure the project isn't a bad deal. business plans and communications and the regional
4:53 pm
the company charge of building the lanes. >> in mecklenburg county some issues with super bowl sunday. the panthers have instilled pride in the community since 1995. they are adopting a resolution adopting all citizens to show panthers pride by wearing black and blue. some officials have done the same. the panthers have promoted the movement as to states, one team, one carolina. north and south together. a long-standing feud in debate when north carolina and south carolina teams play. the real carolina. maybe it is taking this team to unite us. joel: we can see eye to eye on the super bowl.
4:54 pm
tisha: mother murdered. >> there was no pulse. a young mother killed. tisha: her eight-year-oldand the victim's own mother on the stand. >> cosby in court. lawyers to see if the sexual assault case can be thrown out. >> and iowa aftermath. cruz and clinton finishing on top. the latest justin. good evening everyone. >> we begin at 5:00 with breaking news happening now in wake county. chopper 11 hd, you can see the battle facing firefighters on the scene. anna: angelica alvarez, angelica? reporter: first thing to report
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